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Fandom resources to use for your Carrd or Rentry! No need to credit. This site is a work in progress.

All of the pixels and dividers and everything else on this website is NOT made by me and I don't claim them as my own.


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This website was inspired by many Rentry's, but especially Pixelbank, thanks guys! I am very new to HTML and CSS, so if this website doesn't look amazing, don't mind it.
Edited the top website header and organizing the pixels in the Pokemon category.
Finished organizing the Pokemon pixels and organized all of the stamps. Currently working on reorganizing the dividers.
Finished organizing the dividers, finally adding blinkies.
Finished adding in the blinkies, the Pokemon subpage is all done! Will take a break and start on the CR subpage tomorrow or later today.
Starting on the CR subpage. Thumbs up.
Hello! It's a new year, and I kind of forgot this website existed. It was a short little passion project I worked on when I was suuuper bored, but I'm going to try working on it again! I'll also try looking for some Okegom stuffs as someone requested it a veeeeery long time ago...
Finished the Cookie Run page, will start Animal Crossing now.
Didn't start teh AC page, so sorry, added an Okegom page (nothing is there yet) and added a Resources page. Will continue working on this website another day, my back huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurtssss.